Project Overview I Single Parents: Today there are many single-led families with children that live in the U.S and globally around the world. The nuclear family structure doesn't support or work for most families.
Objective: Identify single parent-led families (users) to uncover their unmet needs, learn the problems they face, and design solutions that empower and support them with their journeys. 
My role: I am a user researcher and the user experience designer at Springboard UX Career track program and during this project, I have worn many hats. Not only was I the only qualitative user researcher I also led all of the interviews, end-to-end processes (such as recruitment & synthesis) and presented our findings to an industry expert in the User Experience Research field. 
In addition to these deliverables, I presented the results to industry experts who are in the product design, development, and the user experience research arena.
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