Puori is, a start up, wellness supplement company based in Copenhagen. I was a contract Designer in their office here in Sausalito, CA. I joined the team to help with the efforts to re-brand the company from PurePharma to Puori. It was an exciting opportunity oversee the whole aspect of Omni-channel experience for our clients. I was extensively working with the Creative Director and the Brand Strategist who were based in Copenhagen to align our messaging both in Europe and in U.S.
I helped develop strategic business + design communication by utilizing Google Analytics, data and research. The main responsibility included collaborating across teams including marketing, PR, Social Media and E-mail, Data Scientist to create brand awareness across all channels, ideate and plan campaigns. 
Side projects; I enjoyed working with Business Development Manager for new customer acquisition as well as customer retention.  Create business case to further support the MRR and Subscriber acquisition with data
 —available upon request. 
Email Marketing
Icon Development
Advertisement B2B + B2C
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