We developed the baby chair design to solve for the lack of seating available for babies aged 5 to 12 months old. It is a foldable chair that can go over regular seating to create a high chair for babies. It is light and portable, so families can easily carry it with them to restaurants or to a park for a picnic.
The design development process started with market research. We created a persona board, identifying the target user and the product positioning. We created quarter-scale models and then final design deliverables.
After creating the sketches, we used a laser cutter to prototype the chair using acrylic to test for sizing and ergonomics. Necessary design changes were made accordingly. For the final product, we used solid poplar wood for the frame and leather for the seating. The frame is created by a CNC machine and hand-finished. The seating is sewn by hand. For safety and to avoid choking hazards, there are no loose parts.
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